About Us

our history

Porter Funeral Homes had its beginnings when Alvin Porter began his apprenticeship in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1952. Four years later he established the Porter Funeral Home in Inwood, Iowa, the community that he grew up in. In 1961, the Porter Family moved to Rock Valley, Iowa where they established a second funeral home.

Randy Porter joined his father in the funeral profession in 1972, after graduating from the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science. Ric Porter joined the firm in 1983, following his graduation from the same school. In October of 1982, Al Porter died suddenly at the age of 61. Randy and Ric purchased the VanDe More Funeral Home in Hudson, South Dakota in 1985 and the Dow Funeral Home in Hawarden, Iowa and Ireton, Iowa in 1989. Jean died April 28, 2006.

Today, Randy and his wife Shirlee make their home in Rock Valley. Randy retired on January 1, 2017. Ric and his wife Cynthia make their home in Hawarden. Together, with their dedicated staff, everyone works to serve the families that call Porter Funeral Homes for service following a death of their loved ones. We are proud to serve the area and communities of Rock Valley, Inwood, Hawarden, and Ireton, Iowa and Hudson, South Dakota.